Production Design & Styling

Etsy_Shop_Holiday_028 (1).jpg

Brit + Co x ETSY

In October 2018, Caris worked closely with Brit + Co and Etsy to create a unified guide that highlighted several product as part of a holiday giving guide. Using a unified color theme, we worked to to build out a home that showcased these products in multi-channel creative marketing. The end result was a beautifully curated guide that stood alone, and was featured on both respective brands social media pages.


Brit + Co x Pilot Pen

Utilizing new products from Pilot Pen, the Brit + Co team worked on creating a way for people to integrate these pens into their New Years resolutions. By creating printable pieces for journals, Caris worked closely to style the shoot and provide original typography (and a little bit of hand modeling, of course.)


Brit + Co x Google Home HUB

Google Home Hub was launched in 2018, and Caris was part of the team in charge of creating several creative marketing videos. Her expertise was used in styling, sourcing, and building props.