The process


Caris has worked closely with industry leaders in textile design, focusing mostly on home goods, with some work in apparel. Caris aims to work from start to finish to ensure that all designs come across cleanly from concept to fruition.


The most successful collections come from cohesive mood and style boards. By analyzing the current seasons needs, a variety of concepts can be created that tell a story around each product line. Using inspiration from trending designs, she aims to create several stylistic opportunities for review.


Once the direction has been established, she gets cracking. From using hand drawn techniques, digital drawing, and sampling existing designs, Caris is able to provide clean and concise files. All of the work is done with careful considerations as to the materials that will be used, cost, and vendor capabilities.


Once an item is sampled into production, the most important part is to ensure proper execution. This is done by providing extremely detailed specifications before sending, to ensure that the final product is as close to our vision as possible. Caris works to quickly review strike-offs and samples, and provide any notes that will ensure that each product lives up to it’s fullest potential.


Select Clients


Lead Designer - Textiles

Pottery Barn Modern Baby launched in Fall 2018 as a modern approach as to the way we can create impacting spaces for our homes and kids. These modern spaces have become an extension of a parents identity, while touching a relatively untapped market. Caris led design from the beginning, and specialized in the creation of soft textiles- such as sheeting and quilts, as well as creating decorative pillows, rugs and more. Hand painted and digital designs were translated into timeless pieces.


Designer - Textiles

West Elm and Pottery Barn recently collaborated to have their teams design a multi-seasonal collection aimed to provide hip selections. Caris had the opportunity to collaborate with this top of the line team to help bring these textiles into production.