Q. What are your services priced at?

A.  Every project and process is different, meaning that every price is different. Caris tries to works carefully with client’s budgets, but believes that overvaluing work is a dangerous thing for the design community. She has basic pricing models for most types of work, but various factors will affect these (any rush jobs or traveling, just to name a couple). If you’d like an estimated quote, please use the contact page.


Q. i’ve seen some of your murals in dallas and houston, do you still do these?

A. Yes! Murals do take a lot of planning though, and there are many factors that can affect the timeline, such as weather, size, and where the mural is located. If you’re thinking about having one designed, please reach out as soon as possible to discuss.


Q. Where is most of your work done?

A. Caris has a live-work loft located in San Francisco, Ca. While there are many projects that she works on from home, there are many clients that have her come into office on a regular basis.


Q.Can you do a custom illustration or painting for me?

A. It really depends. While her current focus is more on textiles, styling, and graphic design, every once in a while she likes to bust out the paints. This ultimately depends on how many other clients she’s working with at the moment.